A well done baby can’t thrive without the support of community! We are available to speak on a variety of topics and subjects including but not limited to:

-Staying At Home with Your Baby? How to Make it on One Income

-Healthy Products for Your Baby and Toddler

-Making Your Own Baby Food!

-Navigating Your Birth

-Waterbirth: What is it and Where Can I have One?

-To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate/The effects of Medication on Children of all Ages

-How Birth Plays a Part in Special Education

-ADD/ADHD and How Reiki Can Help

-Financial Planning and Insurance Options During Pregnancy

-Trying to Conceive with a Health Condition

-Hip Bath and Vaginal Steams: The Solution to Fibroids

-The Menstrual/Moon Cycle and Ovulation

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