Helping You Have the Birth Experience

You Want



Dream Well

Menstrual cycle and ovulation analysis, fertility test review and assessment of personal needs.



Breathe Well

Creating a customized prenatal plan to explore and discuss wishes for your birth along with virtual checkups. 



Feel Well

Coaching and support ranging from breastfeeding to transitioning back to the work place.

Why Hire a Birth Consultant?

When one is educated, feels supported and cared for they are more able to confidently navigate the natural, yet demanding, process of labor and childbirth.


Making birth an enjoyable journey and a positive experience you can feel confident about.


Uniquely qualified, holding certifications in Waterbirth, Special Education & Reiki Therapy, along with an M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science.


Providing the support you need from preconception through postpartum.

Yvette Thomas Birth Consultant

Yvette Thomas

Certified Birth Consultant

Let us help you manifest your birth destiny.

Our Philosophy is the Key to Connecting with Clients

  • The Power of birth
  • A Calm and Tranquil Birth Environment
  • Supporting Mothers and their Families
  • Encouraging birth without unnecessary routine medical interventions
  • Midwifes Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support
  • Homebirths and Waterbirths

Like to Know More?

Want to know more? Well Done Babies wants to be a part of helping you achieve the most positive pregnancy possible.