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Hello Mamas!! I’m Yvette, wife, birth advocate and mother of two beautiful girls who decided to hang out in the oven for a little over 42 weeks. With the support of my awesome husband Michael, we navigated successfully through the sacred journey of childbirth. Best of all we did it our way, on our own terms, totally unmedicated; and you can too!

The experience of birthing my daughters (one born in water and the other on land) changed me profoundly and empowered me in ways I never knew possible. It was through both of my birth experiences that I finally realized my calling: I now strive to educate, empower, and surround birthing women and their families with love and support as they plan their own unique birthing journeys.

A Trained Consultant

Yvette Thomas, M.S. Applied Behavioral Sciences

Certified Birth Educator (ACBE), Reiki Therapist

Beliefs & Philosophies

There is one cool thing that you should know about me, I’m totally into childbirth! I love everything about it from conception to that final push. 

Birth should be an enjoyable journey, a positive experience you can feel confident about. Our goal is to help families navigate through the birth process and have the birth experience they desire.

The Power of Birth & Midwifes
A Calm and Tranquil Birth Environment
Supporting Mothers and their Families
Birth Without Unnecessary Routine Medical Interventions
Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support
Homebirths and Waterbirths


Yvette received her Counseling and M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. She has been an educator for over 16 years holding a Certification in Special Education and Reiki Therapy working with families and children of all ages. In addition, she holds a Certificate in Waterbirth from Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, GA where she delivered both her daughters. In 2013 Yvette decided to pursue a career as a Birth Consultant and Childbirth Educator and Advocate.

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