During pregnancy we have a tendency to be caught up with so many things that we forget to fully embrace aspects of the beautiful life within us. 

Being present in pregnancy begins with inviting explored and unexplored experiences. It is having the ability to investigate beliefs, experience true feelings, dissect mental patterns, release old systems, and continue to move within the cycles of personal transformation.Pregnancy is not limited to blissful states of constant positive energy, but this includes feelings of uncertainty and fear. It is about accepting all experiences and knowing that each has purpose.

Pregnancy must be about going with the flow and letting go into the unknown. The idea of letting go in pregnancy can feel scary. Actually, letting go in general can bring up feelings of personal loss and identity, but in the energy of birthing a new identity of mother is born. Letting go and letting birth is one way to welcome a new thought process. Pregnancy requires the woman to pay attention to the wisdom of the body, tune in, and understand that she is strong and capable. 

To all the mothers out there, don’t forget to be present, be still, and enjoy the joyous moments of the life inside of you. 

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