World Breastfeeding Week 2014




Happy World Breastfeeding Week!! Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal For Life……..What an awesome slogan for this years week. August has also been recognized as National Breastfeeding Month which is even better! Please do what you can to support any breastfeeding mother(s) you know, I’m currently  breastfeeding and feel so lucky to have a team, more like a huge extended family, who have and continue to support me through breastfeeding both of our girls.

Here are this years millennium goals, as you read these please pass the information along about National Breastfeeding Week/Month and the importance of breastfeeding. Our babies deserve it 🙂




Healing Essentials



Childbirth is a beautiful thing but also comes with lots of pains, twinges, and ouches!! I’ve compiled a list of some remedies that can help and maybe take at least SOME of the pain away. I’m 9 months postpartum and still in the recovery process. We often hear that it takes 6 weeks for everything to go back to “normal” but what is that! Research says it takes a full year for a woman’s body to completely heal from childbirth, remember mama’s it’s not a race, take your time and heal.

Arnica- Used for bruises, muscle aches, arthritis, soreness and swelling. Arnca comes in small white pellets or as an ointment.

Olive Oil-Masssage your perineum at least once a day a month before you deliver to avoid tearing. Dap a little on your thumb and genty massage back and forth. It works!! After 2 vaginal births, I did not tear either time. 🙂

Cocoa/Shea Butter- Lather your belly up!! Not just to get rid of stretch marks but as you get further along the stomach tightens and can be really itchy. You can also use either one for sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding. Be sure to wipe it off before nursing, and reapply after.

Shoe Ensoles- Will help support your feet, particularly your arches, I developed plantar fasciitis during both pregnancies and it is not fun. Save your feet before the aching starts.

Yoga- We are all different and like different styles but find a prenatal yoga video/dvd and do it at least once a week if not more. It will help relax you and loosen up things for labor.

Meditation- Be still, sit, and relax. Find a meditation on Pandora and let it play, my favorite is The Spirit of Reiki

Massage-Get at least one prenantal and postpartum massage, particulary from a massage therapist that specialiez in pregnancy massages. They are the bes!!!

Essential Oils- Burn your favorite il in a diffuser while you take a shower, bath or relax in bed. Lavender is always a good one.

Sleep-  As much as you want to get it all done, there is one piece of advice I always hope Mama’s  would follow, sleep, sleep and sleep some more!! You will never get another opportunity again to get pregnancy sleep, especially in the early months when your belly isn’t as big.

Water/Tea- Stay hydrated with lots of water, herbal teas such as raspberry, peppermint and ginger root tea are good ones. Based on your particular pregnancy you may want to check with your midwife or physician. 

All of these are great tools to use during pregnancy and postpartum. 






Your Children Choose You….



I must give credit to Mystic Mama ( for this beautiful poem, if you have not checked her page out please do so, she has awesome stuff!! This poem makes me so proud to be a MOTHER and to be humble and thankful that my two sweet girls chose ME to be their MAMA….Enjoy 🙂


Oh, to become a MOTHER

such a rite of passage

such an extraordinary experience…

like nothing else in the entire world…

your whole universe expands,

your heart grows bigger than you could ever imagine

and your existence shifts, dramatically, powerfully.

go with the force that pulls you open

and surrender to the newness that opens up in front of you.

commit to having no fear

surrender to the passage

and trust that

“all is unfolding exactly as it should”

(as it says in the desiderata)

a wonderful new world is about to open up

or perhaps already has,

and you are stronger than you ever knew!

and your coming into fUll blOOm

and this is your greatest gift!

seize it!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes,

pure magic.

pregnant mammas are magical!!!

two souls in one

your aura is magnified

you are glowing

enjoy it

take sweet good care of yourself



sleep some more

don’t worry

nothing is more important

than what you are going through

a new life is growing inside you

a new soul has come to you!!!!

chosen YOU

as their mother

you are birthing new life

you are a divine channel

what a gift

take good care mammas

and don’t worry

let nature take it’s course

your body will know what to do

just relax and be happy



trust in the perfection of the universe~~~

infinite blessings


Zen Birth


Not only is it important to have positive support, energy, and love around you during labor, it’s also important to have some essentials in your birth environment that will give you a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Here’s a list of some things that made me feel a little more comfortable during my stay at the hospital plus several more:

* iPad, iTouch, CD player etc. something that plays music!! Be sure to have your music selection ready to go well in advance so you won’t have to fumble with it, luckily my hubby was on the job so I did’t have to worry about music 🙂

* Candles (If allowed, you probable can sneak one or two tea lights shhhh)

* Incense or Oil and burner/diffuser

* Video Camera or Cell phone (some places will not allow you to film so be sure to check, we weren’t allowed but did it anyway shhhh…lol…)

*Birth or exercise ball

* Lip Balm

* Birth/Prayer Beads

* Rice Packs (filled w/dried lavendar or whatever you choose and rice) you can use it hot or cold.

* You favorite water bottle

If you’re giving birth at a center or hospital you may want to check their policy on some of the items listed.

I’ll be doing a post soon on remedies to help soothe before, during and after labor in the next couple of days, if you have any questions about any of the items above please feel free to contact me at

Geriatric Pregnancy…..SERIOUSLY!!


I recently watched an episode of Live with Kelly and Michael, on this particular day Halle Berry was a guest on the show. After discussing some of her work they went on to discuss her pregnancies, Halle Berry’s first pregnancy was at age 40 and her second was at age 47, her newest sweet pea is 9 months. As they discussed her pregnancy she stated that “geriatric pregnancy” was placed on her chart in the hospital, this is the first time I had ever heard this and of course I was appalled because I had both my babies after 35 (38 & 40). How ridiculous that something like that would be placed in a Mothers chart!! 

This is probably one of the main reasons I switched from having an ob/gyn to midwifes. I remember the ob/gyn saying similar things about “advanced” maternal age. My theory is as long as you have eggs you can have a baby just as men came have babies as long as they have sperm, which is pretty much their entire lives…lol….if I had to give a percentage I would say 99.9% of the women I know that have had babies after 35 have had successful, safe, beautiful pregnancies including myself.

The medical establishment really needs to check themselves on this, if they can put this type of wording in one of the highest paid, most beautiful mothers in the world chart, just think of what they do to the mothers that have little support or really believe that their babies will be born less than healthy because of their age. I’m really passionate about this topic so I’ll probably be back to write more later but for now here’s a link to some of the common myth busters about babies after 35 and kudos to Halle for being a badass and doing her thing at 47!!!


















Be Present….



During pregnancy we have a tendency to be caught up with so many things that we forget to fully embrace aspects of the beautiful life within us. 

Being present in pregnancy begins with inviting explored and unexplored experiences. It is having the ability to investigate beliefs, experience true feelings, dissect mental patterns, release old systems, and continue to move within the cycles of personal transformation.Pregnancy is not limited to blissful states of constant positive energy, but this includes feelings of uncertainty and fear. It is about accepting all experiences and knowing that each has purpose.

Pregnancy must be about going with the flow and letting go into the unknown. The idea of letting go in pregnancy can feel scary. Actually, letting go in general can bring up feelings of personal loss and identity, but in the energy of birthing a new identity of mother is born. Letting go and letting birth is one way to welcome a new thought process. Pregnancy requires the woman to pay attention to the wisdom of the body, tune in, and understand that she is strong and capable. 

To all the mothers out there, don’t forget to be present, be still, and enjoy the joyous moments of the life inside of you. 

Pregnancy Changes Your Spirit…..


“Pregnancy is a numinous and magical state. It is a time when the barrier between the conscious and unconscious realm thins. It is a time to feel the presence of another soul developing alongside your own. It is a time when inner voices offer wise counsel louder and more clearly than usual, when we become aware that life is a continuum, when a woman may experience a bodily sense that everything around her is alive.”

“Our connection to the cellular mystery of life is vibrantly stark and immediate. When you are pregnant, the polite and restrictive masks of everyday life that we have each created to survive can be stripped away, and you are immersed in the very juice of existence.”

“No matter how many pictures of fetuses you look at or how many scientific facts you ingest, pregnancy remains a stunning, not-quite-possible-to-grasp marvel, a naked connection to the enigma of life.”

“You can’t escape the awe-and why would you want to?”

~Jennifer Louden, from The Pregnant Woman’s Comfort Book

What Kind of Birth Do You REALLY Want?


Now that’s something to think about! I knew right away when I was pregnant with my first child that I would have a waterbirth. It just seemed like it would be so calm and tranquil, and what better environment to bring a baby into. It was the best experience of my life, everything went exactly how we wanted, the water made labor more manageable and squatting was the best position for me as it allowed gravity to do its thing.

I really encourage you to think about what kind of birth you would like, I’ve worked with people who dreamed of having their babies outdoors in nature but were afraid to do so because of what the “naysayers” said. Listen to your inner goddess, she know’s exactly what to do and don’t forget to ask baby as well, believe it or not they speak to us a lot in the womb.





I’m Pregnant! Now what?

Many first time moms have this exact question, I know I did!!. I thought it was as simple as going to my OB/GYN and he would lead the way, so that’s what happened, until I got to my 3rd ultrasound before I even got to 20 weeks. I knew something was very wrong with this process, this was not the birth I wanted to have so I changed the game. I went home, meditated and opened my eyes with the vision of how I wanted my birth to be, and it happened in water, lights low, soft music, no meds (nope, not even a Tylenol) at close to 43 weeks. If you’re looking for the path to your unique birth experience you’ve come to the right place. No matter how crazy it may sound, no matter what the media says, the doctor says or your friends tell you, you can truly have the birth experience you want. Don’t believe me, just give me a call!