Many first time moms have this exact question, I know I did!!. I thought it was as simple as going to my OB/GYN and he would lead the way, so that’s what happened, until I got to my 3rd ultrasound before I even got to 20 weeks. I knew something was very wrong with this process, this was not the birth I wanted to have so I changed the game. I went home, meditated and opened my eyes with the vision of how I wanted my birth to be, and it happened in water, lights low, soft music, no meds (nope, not even a Tylenol) at close to 43 weeks. If you’re looking for the path to your unique birth experience you’ve come to the right place. No matter how crazy it may sound, no matter what the media says, the doctor says or your friends tell you, you can truly have the birth experience you want. Don’t believe me, just give me a call!

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