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Working out is hard enough but trying to find time to fit a work out in with children is well, crazy, to say the least! It took me a little over two full years to feel close to myself again and I’m still not done yet. We know that after having a baby our body is never the same, but we can at least come close. Being healthy should be number one priority and looking like a smokin’ hot mama is not out of the picture. It may seem like it can’t be done but just taking “baby steps” can pay off big time. Here are some quick and fun ways to get a workout that will have you feeling and looking good in no time:

~ Now that summer is here, don’t just sit and watch at the park JOIN IN! Run with your kiddos’, push them on the swings, run through the jungle gym, go all the way cruise down the slide!! They will love it and you’ll have fun too! This was hands down how I lost most of my baby weight.

~If you still have smaller children that require a stroller, go for a walk or light jog.

~Many of you work full-time just like me. Pick two days out of the week and run or walk around or near your workplace. You can do this before or after work;  depending on what type of job you have, exercising during your lunch break can be an option also. If childcare is an issue, try picking your little one(s) up 45 min later or if you have to go with weekends have a “TRUSTWORTHY” friend or neighbor look after your little one(s) for an hour while you take an exercise break. It will be worth it for both you and them!

~Last but not least, this is my all time must! After you put the little ones down put on some relaxing music, stretch and meditate. Stretching not only strengthens your muscles but it will help tone your body. No one can argue with what meditation can do for you, my all time favorite relaxation station is “Sounds of Reiki” on Pandora.  I have a sequence of stretches that I do along with some push-ups and planks. I try to do this at least 3-4xs a week minimum. Sometimes I slack off but hey, I can get right back on it, let’s face it this is the life of a mom.

One thing to remember, try not to focus on the weight. I know it’s difficult but remember the more you focus on something the more of it you will get. So let’s focus on being healthy and let the pounds take care of themselves.

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