I must give credit to Mystic Mama ( for this beautiful poem, if you have not checked her page out please do so, she has awesome stuff!! This poem makes me so proud to be a MOTHER and to be humble and thankful that my two sweet girls chose ME to be their MAMA….Enjoy 🙂


Oh, to become a MOTHER

such a rite of passage

such an extraordinary experience…

like nothing else in the entire world…

your whole universe expands,

your heart grows bigger than you could ever imagine

and your existence shifts, dramatically, powerfully.

go with the force that pulls you open

and surrender to the newness that opens up in front of you.

commit to having no fear

surrender to the passage

and trust that

“all is unfolding exactly as it should”

(as it says in the desiderata)

a wonderful new world is about to open up

or perhaps already has,

and you are stronger than you ever knew!

and your coming into fUll blOOm

and this is your greatest gift!

seize it!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes,

pure magic.

pregnant mammas are magical!!!

two souls in one

your aura is magnified

you are glowing

enjoy it

take sweet good care of yourself



sleep some more

don’t worry

nothing is more important

than what you are going through

a new life is growing inside you

a new soul has come to you!!!!

chosen YOU

as their mother

you are birthing new life

you are a divine channel

what a gift

take good care mammas

and don’t worry

let nature take it’s course

your body will know what to do

just relax and be happy



trust in the perfection of the universe~~~

infinite blessings


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